Sunday, May 31, 2009

Baseball Mitten

Kaylynn was watching Kaleb the other day so I could have a little break. When I went to pick him up he was playing with a mitt. Oh the fit he threw when we had to leave. So we ended up going to Walmart and getting him his own Mitt. Then the next day we went and got Mikko a glove so he could play with him. Here they are there first Father and Son game of catch.
KB does not want to get to far from you when he tries to catch.

He has a pretty good arm.

His catching stance.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

KB's Pics

Kaleb loves to get a hold of the camera and take pictures. Here are a few of the usable ones. Say cheese Dad.
Took a picture of his neighbor friend, Macie, when they came to the hospital to visit.

And here he is trying to take a picture of himself. We need to get him his own camera. He has almost ruined the one we have, to many drops on the floor.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I got a little behind with the birth of sister and all but now I am catching up on what has been going on. These pictures are from when we went to Gateway for two reasons. This was on the Saturday before Kaija was born. The reasons for going was 1- I took the blue cohosh that was supposed to make me go into labor (but didn't). I took it then I walked around Gateway to try and get the contractions started. 2nd- was for Kaleb to have a good time and from the pictures you can see that he did. Here he is with the ball contraption thing. He likes to pull this face lately when getting his picture taken.
The policeman. Not quite sure since Mikko was the one with him while I was out walking.

He loves playing horse with Dad and so he looks like he enjoyed pretending on this horse as well.

He loved the Helicopter that the have on top of the building. Dad said that he was so excited when you pushed the button and it makes the noise like it is actually going to take off.

When he saw these pics he told me about how he pushed the button and then he made the helicopter sound. He is so animated.
Daddy and son had a great time together and I am glad they had the opportunity to spend the afternoon together just Father and Son.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Too Cute

Just had to post this picture of our cute little girl. This was her coming home outfit and she sure does like to sleep. And people keep asking how her name is pronounced. Kaija is a Finnish name and the "j" makes a "y" sound.
And this is KB's first photo that he has taken of his sister. He loves to use the camera. At least he got most of her in the frame.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

1st Pics of Baby Sister

Right after the birth. I was happy and surprised to get to hold Kaija for a long time after the birth. I asked the midwife and nurses if she was OK and they kept reassuring me that she was. KB was taken away after birth because of his breathing problems so this has been a new experience. I was happy it was over if you can't tell and it is a good thing we did not video the birth. Mikko said I had CRAZY eyes during the pushing phase. He said he is glad that he is not a woman.
7lbs and 15oz, 21 inches. Baby sister was a whole pound bigger than her big brother and couple inches longer. He better watch out.

Another shot after the whirlwind delivery. I still can't believe how fast it went.
The first meeting KB was not sure about his sister but he seems to be doing a lot better now. We will see what being home is going to be like.

Our little girl, she looks just like KB did.

Lots of hair.
Daddy Daughter, so precious.
Going home. It was a task to get our car seat back to infant size it was still set up for a one year old.
Mikko did a little decoration and I was so happy that he did.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Labor Delivery Story of Kaija

This may not be the most exciting thing to read but I am doing it for my own history. You have been warned. It is May 19th and I am 19 days more pregnant that I have ever been and so uncomfortable my due date is not until the 30th but do not think I can take it much longer as it was hard to move at this point. I went to the Dr. on Monday the 18th and was still dilated between 2-3 which I had been for 2 weeks. I was so disappointed because I had been trying all the things people suggest for labor to start. Walking, spicy foods, yes even sex and also an herb my sister in law told me about. Well Monday night I decided to do some manual labor and picked weeds out of the garden and raked in the weed killer into the dirt.
So the morning of the 19th I woke up around 6am and I had started leaking a little bit of fluid. So I decided to take some more of the herb and then go walking. Had some contractions while walking but stopped once I was done walking. Then I got ready for the day and Kaleb and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I continued to leak fluid and I left a message at my midwifes office and was waiting for a response. 
I put Kaleb to down for his Nap around 1:30 I got to the bathroom and a lot of fluid leaks I call office again and my midwife was not working today they tell me to come in and be checked by another midwife. I get Kaylynn to come to the house to be with Kaleb and to take care of him. 
Mikko meets me at the office water is totally breaking and I start contractions once there. I am dilated to a 5 the send me to hospital. I get to hospital at 2:40pm they are trying to get me all checked in and getting set up in a room. The contractions are pretty close together. First nurse tries to start and IV to take some blood and that was painful and it did not work. There was a shift change right then so other nurse tries other hand and that again was painful but finally got it in after my hand bleeding all over the place. 
My midwife gets there and she was great. She helped coached me through the contractions Mikko was busily rubbing my back. CNM Sandae Bonare knew just what to do she coached me through well and so did Mikko. I did pretty good with contractions breaking and grunting low through them. Then she thought I should try going to the bathroom cause she thought it would help move the baby down and it work it was time to push. I told them I didn't want to push because I remembered how painful it was to push with Kaleb. I am doing this all natural so no pain killers here. Then get me ready I squat and push the pain is excruciating and I start the screaming. I think I pushed a couple of time in the squat but I did not want to do it. They have me sit back a bit with my legs up I push a couple more times and the head comes out and it was so painful they asked me to push one more time to get the shoulders out and they say that is all I need to do. I remember asking if it will hurt less and they say yes. I push again and she came out with a flood of liquid and all other kinds of things. I made it and she was out.
Kaija Elisa Puikkonen was  born on May 19th at 4:02pm weighing 7lbs 15ounces and is 21 inches long. She is all healthy and laying on my chest. I ask if she is OK and they say yes. I was concerned because Kaleb had breathing and lung problems but Kaija is all good. 
I tore a little bit and they had a little trouble getting the placenta out. The cord was only attached by nerves which is not the norm so it pulled off from the placenta and then the placenta started coming out in pieces and the nurse had to push down on my stomach to help get it out. Finally after a pit it came out I was sewed up and it was all over. We go home tomorrow from the hospital and it will be a new experience to have two children and to see how KB adjusts. The first day he would not touch her or hold her he did not want to be by me either. But today he would talk to her and touch her so hopefully it will get better.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pregnancy Woes

OK first of all I don't want any comments on my ugly toes. Yes my toes look like they are really long but the reality is I have SHORT big toes and yes I know what they look like so don't ask if I have seen them.

OK I just have to say that women who love to be pregnant are crazy or lying, but maybe just maybe there are women out there who actually do have painless pregnancies......good for them they can have all the rest of the children that I am not going to have. Well this pregnancy has been very different from KB's and I have not enjoyed it and therefore don't plan to do it again. We are done after this little girl comes out which I hope is very soon.

I did not get any swelling of my feet with KB but this time my feet have hurt all the time and this is how fat they are now it is really gross and not comfortable at all. I can not wear any of my shoes except flip flops and an old stretched out pair of sneakers.

I am 4 days more pregnant than I have ever been before and my due date is still 26 days out but don't see how in the world I can make it 26 more days. I can't move around in bed after I lay down without great difficulty and my right hand constantly falls asleep in the night and I wake up almost every two hours from the throbbing pain in my hand. When I try to go walking for exercise I have constant contractions and of course my feet are huge!! I so want to get this baby out so I can at least try to have a normal body. :o)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baby Shower for Sister

Yesterday my neighbor had a baby shower for me and baby sister. I was a little nervous that people would think it was weird that I was having a shower for a 2nd baby but this time it is a girl. It was great I got lots of clothes which is such a blessing for us. We so appreciate the support that family and friends have given to us. Angie did a wonderful job of putting the shower together and I really appreciate her kindness. I feel really blessed to have her as a neighbor she has helped me out in so many ways.

A great surprise was how many of my family showed up they mean a lot to me. Being the last one married out of 9 and most of my siblings children are mostly grown up I sometimes think that I am on a different level then them and that they would not want to support me but that is just not true. I love them and am grateful for them all.
Surprise surprise my sister Kristi showed up to the shower coming from 5 hours away it was such a surprise and great to see her. Thanks so much for coming what a great sister you are!!