Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

August 2011

So we did soccer again this fall. Kaleb likes to play goalie but still just likes to run around and randomly fall down. He says he enjoys practice more than the games. He told me one week that we didn't want to play soccer and I said that is fine we wont do it again after this season and then he says but I like it. Whatever. :) At least he is going outside and doing something.

July 2011

If you look close to the top you can see the snowmobile tracks on the mountain side.

We went to Logan for the 4th of July this year and since the weather has been so off this year they still had snow up in the canyon. Seija thought it would be fun to Tony Grove and get pictures of the kids in shorts with now on July 4th. It was a little odd to see people snowmobiling in July for sure. The kids had a great time and we got some cute pics. We had our little picnic and then headed back down to logan. We grilled another night and had a good visit.
Daddy watching the kids. I come upstairs after having a client and this is what I find and Mikko is on the computer. Nice.

Gotta love the slip n slide

Darling hat Kaija got from Isa Mummi. So cute and then in the picture below Kaleb was pouting because he wanted to sit on the barbie bike to get his picture taken.

Took the kids to the preshow of the 24 of July parade floats. It was cool to see all the work that people put into this floats. They had all kinds of things going on and face painting was one of them. But the line was soo long and I did not want to pay for it so I painted the kids faces the next day at home they thought it was great.

Our old neighbors the Anderson's invited us to go to the Hogle Zoo with them. Andy had a work party there and they could take guests. It was awesome everything was free everything and they even provided dinner for everyone. It was great. I could not believe how much money Rio Tinto must have spent to shut down the zoo to the public just for this work party which actually happened in 2 days and I guess for 10,000 people. So grateful to Angie and Andy for thinking of us.