Saturday, October 31, 2009


We had a good Halloween, well at least I think we did. Kaleb got to decorate some fun cookies.

His favorite part was eating them. This same day Kaleb would not take a nap at about 4:45 he wanted to look out the window and watch for Daddy to come home. I kept telling him he would not be home for another 45minutes. He went down to the front room anyway and within in 10minutes I went to check on him and found him like this.

We had fun carving out pumpkins. Could not get Kaleb to help clean them out. He was willing to just watch us do all the yucky work. But he loved to look at them after we lit them up.

These next pics crack me up. Kaleb was planing on being Spiderman for Halloween and that was fine but I found an Iron suit and it was only $12 so I bought it too. But I did not want him to ruin the mask so we did not give it to him until Halloween day. He was really excited and had to wear it immediately. So as you can see in the next pics he was having a great time being IronMan. Mikko was willing to dress up and that was great of him. I just took pictures and video of our little clan.

Our first stop was at Kaleb's buddy, Chase, house. These two just love each other. Chase hurried and got ready and they went trick or treating together. They had a good time and Kaleb would keep holding onto some of the candy given to him and would not put it in his bucket. I guess he just had to have his hand on some.

Kaija was our cute little giraffe. She was a good sport and enjoyed going with us down the street. It was such a nice day the weather was great it was really cold the day before but Halloween was great. We did not even have to wear a jacket.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Rest of October

I have not updated in a while and I have take a few pictures and we have done a few things this month.
Kaleb always wants me to take his picture with Kaija so here again is another pic of the two. I could not get it to rotate.
Kaleb is on and off with his eating habits. Sometimes he is a good eater and will eat vegetables and protein but then sometimes I can't get him to eat anything. So I tried to be a little creative. With Halloween this month I tried a couple of tricks like these mashed potato ghost. Kaleb enjoyed biting off their heads. I also made some Halloweenies, which were sausages wrapped up in crescent dough strips and baked. I forgot to take a picture of those.

Kaija 5 MONTHS OLD. She really loves to smile and laugh. I also had to get a picture of her chunky legs. She is in the 95% for her weight and it shows. It is adorable, at least I know she is not starving.

We made a trip to Kanab for my nephew's farewell and Mikko was also out of town for work so it worked out good. The drive down was a bit of a challenge. Almost 3 year old + 5 month old + 5-6 hours in a car=not a brilliant idea!
Once we got there the weekend went great. Kaleb enjoyed being able to go the park. The weather was great and Grandma and Grandma took good care of us. McKay and Kanani were also down so they helped out with the kids and Kaleb's cousins, Morgan and Sydney were willing to play with Kaleb although they are a lot older than him. He loves to play with the older kids and I really appreciate them being willing to play with him since he does not have and cousins the same age as him.

Kaija enjoyed Grandma reading to here and I had to get a picture of Kaija in the Halloween outfit we had with Kaleb to see how similar they look. I compared and you can tell they are siblings but they do look different.

Grandma made some yummy banana cupcakes for Kaleb to decorate. He made a cute spider. Speaking of cupcake McKay made some YUMMY devil food cupcakes with some AWESOME butter cream frosting. You burn the butter......SO delicious. I brought down the chocolate that we had ordered through a co-op up here so we of course had to try and the high end cocoa and boy was it good.

Grandpa loves little Kaija and I am grateful that my parents love all of the 38 grand kids. You might think that after 38 of them you might not care but they put forth great effort to show that they love them. Thanks Mom and Dad.
I made these cute baby leg warmers for Kaija and they were pretty easy to do. Did it in 5 minutes or less. If you make them you have to make sure you use ladies knee highs or they wont fit. While I was in Kanab we tried some I guess they were crew socks and they only made it just past her knees.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Logan Weekend

We went to Logan this last weekend to visit Mikko's parents. We had a good time especially Kaleb he loves to visit Mummi and Pappa he has such a great time.
We went out for a picnic at 1st Dam it was a beautiful day. Fall foliage is so amazing in Logan I wish I would have taken more pictures of the wonderful fall colors.
Another grandma was there with her grandchild and she was nice enough to give Kaleb a piece of bread to feed the ducks. He would yell "here" and throw down the bread. Dad and KB had a good time feeding them.

Kaija was a good little girl for the picnic. She is enjoying grabbing for toys now.
We had some yummy sandwiches for our picnic. We could only get Kaleb to eat the cheese. Poor kids just don't know what they are missing

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hogle Zoo

For months now on Saturday's Mikko will want to go to the Zoo and the weather has not cooperated or it just doesn't happen. Well we finally went. I did not take too many pictures because I used the video camera more. Kaleb had a great time he always wanted to climb up to see the animals better and to just play on the fences. I was impressed with the size of the zoo I had not been there since I was little. We missed the playground which I hear is fun so we will have to do that next time.
Kaleb so badly wanted to ride the carousel so how could we say no. Mikko hates these pics of himself. But we all had a good time and Kaija was a good little sport as well. I am such a bad mom and did not take any pictures of her.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Odds & Ends

We watched our neighbor every week for trade because she watches our kids once a week. It's a good little deal. A couple of weeks ago we had Macie over and here we are playing the alligator game. I was trying to do anything and everything to show Macie a good time because I short time earlier my almost 3 year old bit her. I was mortified that he did it and I wish I would have been watching at the moment it happened so I could have stopped it. Needless to say Kaleb was promptly and sternly put into timeout and then I showered Macie with treats and whatever she wanted so she would want to come back to see us again.
My neighbor informed me a day or two later that she wanted to come play again so I feel better. Later that night the socks were still on the floor and Kaleb was playing around. He says ouch ouch and come over to me and shows me his hand and I asked him what was the matter he said "the alligator got him". And he kept doing that every time he touched a sock. It was cute.

Every once in awhile Mikko and I will give each other a foot rub and we were doing it this night and Kaleb wanted to get one too. So here he is enjoying a great foot massage from his Dad.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Brown Sister's Weekend

The Brown sisters finally had our sister's weekend. Well it was more like 24 hours. We have talked about doing this for a few years so when we were all sitting at the same table at our nephew, Terrance's luncheon I brought it up and volunteered to be the first host.
We started the event off with some Chinese take out, it was spicy and delicious. Then we headed downstairs for a movie. We had it at my place because I am still nursing Kaija and could not be away from her yet. The movie was good and we had fun chatting.
I forgot to take my camera for the rest of the event but here is what we did. The next morning we headed out for a walk. Kristi and Kanani were speedsters. It was nice to chat with Vanae. After the walk we had a yummy breakfast of creme brulee(sp?) french toast, bacon and fruit. We then watched a session of conference and worked on some file folder games that we are going to donate to the humanitarian center.
Then it was off to lunch at Texas Roadhouse, pretty good. Then did a little shopping and headed down to the school that I teach at for our facials.

This picture was taken after our facials. Kinda scary well at least I am. All the sisters enjoyed their facials and I am so glad that they did. I loved mine as well and realized that I have been so silly not to be doing it more often since I get two free treatments a month. What was I thinking by not going.
Thanks Vanae, Kanani and Kristi for coming to my house for a good time and for being my wonderful sisters!!