Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Mom is Amazing & Baby Sisters Room

There was a infant clothing sale at Old Navy and so since I only had only dress for baby sister I decided to spend some money. I spent $100 on new clothes for baby and Kaleb. We are trying to have everything ready for the baby to come. I want to be ready by the end up April in case she comes early like Kaleb did. I still have a couple of things left to do in the room and then I will put up some pics of the finished project. Also to come will Kaleb's finished room and our Master bed and bath.
While I was in Kanab I took a few sewing projects with me for my Mom to help me with. Well since I was so sick she did everything for me. She is awesome. Here is the cover she made for our foam pad that we have in the theater room. I had no idea how to make one of those.

She mended the comforter I had made for Kaleb's room. I got a little close to the edges on some of the squares and Kaleb has peed on the blanket a few times so after washing it several times it was coming apart in places. Thanks Mom for fixing it for me.

Since I did not want to take apart the crib and change it to a different room we decided to just give Kaleb a new room and but the baby in Kaleb's old room. I did not want to paint so I just kept the green them and added some pink to be a little more girly. I found this cute fabric and my Mom sewed squares of it all along the bumper she did a great job. I tried and tried to convince that we should just do one long strip down the middle but she was determined that the squares would be cuter. It was more work for her but she did an awesome job.

Then we just used some of the same material and attached a strip of it to the existing curtains I had. I think they look great. I wish I would have taken a picture of my Mom actually doing all of the sewing. She is great I wish I would have learned to sew from her when I was younger. But I was pretty stubborn and I would never listen to her when we tried to do sewing projects together as a teenager. Sorry Mom. But it is my loss now.

Video From Kanab - Wagon Ride

Kaleb had a great time with cousins in Kanab. Dalton pulled around Kaleb and Ella.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Video from Kanab - Broccoli

At first he thought I was just taking a picture.

Kanab Visit

We headed down to Kanab last Tuesday to visit my parents. We usually go down for Easter but I was pretty sure that by the time Easter rolled around I would be way to uncomfortable to make the 5 hour drive. Kaleb was pretty good in the car and we made pretty good time. I of course had to stop a couple of times to pee. By the time we got there I knew it was a mistake for me to make the drive by myself my back was killing me and my neck muscle were so tight. I made a massage appointment but unfortunately that didn't happen cause the therapist got sick. Didn't really matter I caught Kaleb's cold he had the week before and it was the worse cold I think I ever had. I could not do a thing. Being pregnant was not a plus. It was good I was with my family so they could take care of Kaleb for me.

Kaleb had so much fun while there. The weather was great it was 70plus all week except Sunday. My brother's family came down on Thursday and so between those cousins and the ones in Kanab Kaleb had a wonderful. Time the best thing was I think he only watched 3 TV shows the whole time we were there!!

Here Kaleb is showing off his taadaa trick for Grandma and Grandpa. See the little ball toy thing. That was Kaleb's favorite toy. He played with it everyday for a long time. Pretty sure that if I had one at home he could care less about it but since he sees it only once in a while he loves to play with it.
One day we went to the furniture store to look at some carpet samples and they had a plane to play with when we left he thought he should be able to take it with him. Unfortunately we could not. He cried and cried then my mom of course had to spoil him and went to the dollar store and bought him a plane to play with. He loved it of course.

Aunt Kristi came and took Kaleb out to play one day and he found Grandpa's riding lawn mower and he just had to sit on it for a long time and pretend he was driving a truck. He kept calling it a truck. Kaleb was funny he loves his jacket he did not need it one but everyday he thinks he needs his shoes and jacket before he goes outside. So sad what winter has done to him. jk So that is why he is wearing a jacket with shorts.

Here is Kaleb feeding the neighbors horses, he loved looking at them and Grandpa helped him get some grass to feed them.

I imagine that the look on his face is the surprise of how strong the horses are when they take the grass out of his hands.

Another day and another fun time blowing bubbles with cousins. He had so much fun. He did not call his cousins by name but he would always ask for them when he woke up. He either wanted to know where Grandpa was or the cousins. One day my dad and McKay went to go get the other truck and Kaleb starting crying when Grandpa was leaving that they caved and let Kaleb go with them in the big truck. He loved it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well they usually say that 3rd time is a charm but for me it was the 4th. I know I said that I would not go back to for another ultrasound but I changed my mind and they were able to get me in this morning. So I hurried and took and shower and got Kaleb changed and we drove over to the hospital. The baby finally moved out from under my pelvis and we got a good shot of the bum. The tech was 100% sure that is was a girl and you can check out the photo for yourself. Yeah I can finally box up Kaleb's baby clothes after I go through them and pick out the neutral stuff. We met up with Dad for lunch and had a celebratory lunch at the Gateway food court. It was really nice to finally get a good look at the baby and we feel more comfortable now.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Saturday work = Painting

We did a little work first on Saturday and painted our Master bath. I let Kaleb have a try. He always watches me paints and wants to participate so we let him have a turn.

Saturday Fun = Bowling

We decided to go bowling for the weekends activity. Kaleb had a great time. He was so impatient he never wanted Mikko and I to take our turns. He would keep getting in the way so much that we had to physically hold him while either one of us would took our turns. He did a great job. Kaleb almost beat Mom but then again he did get the bumpers and the little guide thing. We probably wont go on a Saturday again it was really expensive for us three to bowl. I can't believe they charge full price for a 2 year old. Tuesday's are the special days so we will have to go then.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

1 2 3's & Things He Says

So I just wanted to take a minute to write/type down some of the accomplishments and things Kaleb has been saying. It's amazing how fast kids learn and how quickly things change. It was just overnight when it changed. Kaleb would count and would say 1 3 5 8 3 5, then just this past week he counts to ten with no mistakes. We love to see him get smarter every day. He has also done really good with matching, I had no idea that he knew this concept but we have these little puzzle pieces that have pictures and then color and textures that match to a picture and he could match everyone of them up!! I was so proud.

I guess it was a couple of weeks ago that we were finishing the last touches on our newly installed chair rail in our bed room when Kaleb comes in and sees us caulking and he says to me "Nice job Mommy". It was pretty cute. Another thing he says regularly is "That's Cool" just a few minutes ago he was riding Daddy around the room like a horse and he could see over the couch and he says "that's cooool". Another one he likes to use is that smells nice. He loves to get in our drawers in the bathroom. He especially enjoys Daddy's deodorant. He likes to rub it on his cheeks and arms. We are trying to show him how to put it in his underarms. Anyway he pulls of the lid, smells it, and says "mmmm that smells nice" but it sounds cute cause he can't say his L's very well. I look forward to even more wonderful things that he will say and do.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


So last night I had to speak to a young women group about skin care, so Mikko once again was on night duty with Kaleb. When I got home Mikko told me that they were getting ready for bed and Kaleb stopped what he was doing, and said Spiderman, and went and got in his drawer and pulled out his Spiderman swim suit. He wanted it on and his Hawaii swimming suit on as well. Mikko said he cried and cried until he gave in and put the Spiderman suit on him. He wanted both on but Dad drew the line, changed the suit and left just one suit over the PJ's. So this is what our little character looked like this morning. He also wanted to wear Daddy's watch this morning. I put it on him and he pointed to it and said. "Georgie eighty clock". He is an avid lover of Curious George and I let him watch the episode that comes on at 8am. So all the time he is saying Georgie 8ty clock. Because he loves to watch the show on TV.

So a little bit later in the morning I had a wax client over and Kaleb was driving me crazy because he was in my facial room with me touching everything he was not supposed to. So I took him upstairs to watch Tom and Jerry. I gave him a little bowl with some Cheerios in it, then went back to my client. Well my mistake was I left the cereal box out on the island counter and did not put the box back in the pantry. So when I was finished with my appointment I came back upstairs to find this little prize. He sure will go after whatever he wants. Thank goodness it was not anything liquid. So needless to say I am already tired and have taken a short nap while he was trapped in his chair for lunch!!

Picture Time

I think I took this last week. Kaleb loves to give Daddy and Mommy kisses. I like this one cause you know he is posing for the pic as his eye is trying to see me take the picture. We love all the love this little guy will give us. We feel so blessed to have such a good little boy.
The same night Kaleb got a hold of the camera and took some pics of Mikko. This is the best shot he got. The rest only had the tips of Mikko's hair in it.
Another wonderful pose he gave me. He is a character. His latest thing to do when people come over is give everyone a really big growl and he has a mean scowl on his face when he does it.