Wednesday, July 23, 2008

East Farms Inspired

Back in March a lady in our ward told the RS sisters about buying a share into a farm and you get fresh veggies. I was interested about it so I checked it out. It works like this. You can either buy a share or half share of crops from East Farms LLC. Then you get fresh produce every week for 18 weeks starting in June. We just pick it up at a drop off location not far from our house.

I thought this would be a great way to get some fresh veggies into our diet so I signed up. I thought the half share would be to much for our little family so I actually share it with my neighbor and we only pay $5 a week for it. So the first week came and we got tons of different kinds of lettuces, ones I have never even heard of so from trying this out I have googled recipes cause I am not sure what to do with some of the stuff. Turns out I have kinda been a little culinary. This first picture is of a Feta arugula pizza I made and it was yummy. There is no meat and it even satisfied Mikko's appetite which is amazing. One week we got some radishes and I did not want to eat them raw. So I googled and viola that night we had onion radish soup! Yes everyone says oh that sounds interesting but yes it was delicious. Last week we had a bunch of veggies and I needed to use them up so I made a yummy beef veggie stir fry but did not take a pic but it was good.

This bottom picture is of a yummy apricot faux pie. I have never fried apricots before and it was yummy! Thanks to my neighbor she had a bunch of apricots she got from her family so I tried out the recipe from BHG and it was a hit, but I did add my own fresh mint that I grew!
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It is funny how kids can sleep in any position. The other night before crawling into bed I went to check on Kaleb and crack open his door. This is how I found him sleeping. I had to take a picture cause I just thought it was so cute.

My only wish now is that when he falls asleep in his car seat that he would sleep more than 30 minutes. We are headed down to Kanab this weekend and I dread the 5 hour car ride when he wont sleep for very long.
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Our Jewish Friend

Mikko's Mom recently came home from a two month visit to Finland and one of her friends from the ward back there gave this hat to her and told her to take it back for Kaleb. So Kaleb tried it on and he loves it cause he loves to wear hats. Not sure if it is really meant to be a hat for a girl or little baby but he is a cute kid no matter what he is wearing.
I let him wear it all he wants in the house and to the neighbors, but yamika doesn't go further than that!
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Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

We had a great time on the 4th of July, well July 3rd and 4th, in Davis county they have fireworks on the 3rd at the EagleRidge Golf course so we went to dinner with two of our Neighbors at Costa Vida and then headed up the hill. We were amazed at how many people were up there. It's beautiful up on the "east bench". We had to park far away but we enjoyed the company. Amazingly Macey Anderson and Kaleb stayed awake until 10pm for the show. Kaleb watched them for about 5 minutes and then fell asleep. The trek back to the car was fun carrying 30lbs of dead weight. We are great parents, we did not think to bring a stroller or chairs or treats but we had fun anyway.
The following morning we hurried to get to the parade in Centerville that started at 9am then ended up waiting 45 minutes for the first float to get to us. We were at the end of the route. Centerville does a great job and Natalie's favorite parts were the bagpipe band and the fly by that started the parade off. They had 4 fighter jets go by along with some other huge plane. An older lady gave Kaleb this flag and he enjoyed waving it. I think Kaleb is a cutie and I have alot of strangers say he is the cutest kid. I like to think they think Kaleb is the only cute baby around but I am sure they say that to alot of moms, but he is the cutest kid to me!
I thought this was a great shot that we took while waiting for the parade to finally get to us. Kaleb is funny he finally gets to this position but begins to cry cause he does not know what to do next, I am thankful that he's not too mischievous. After the parade and a nap we headed on down to Orem to my sister Kanani's home for their annual water fight and BBQ, we missed the water fight but enjoyed the great food we had for dinner. They usually do fireworks too but they had tickets to the Stadium of fire to see Miley Cyrus, so after giving them a hard time about how much fun they were going to have we headed back home and lit off some fireworks before bedtime. Mikko bought the fireworks and bless his Finnish soul he lights these ones and nothing happens there is no fuse. I asked him what they were and he said some snake thing. I laughed and told him that you actually have to light the snake on fire for it to coil and told him they are not that exciting. So we just enjoyed the spinning flower fireworks and next time I will purchase them. :o)
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A couple of weeks ago we got a new cat. Mikko was really not on board for it but after I saw a mouse in our backyard that sealed the deal. Funny thing is Tonka likes Mikko more than me, go figure. Kaleb screamed and screamed the first day we brought Tonka home but by the next day you can see that he loves him from the picture above. We plan to move him outside cause I am not a fan of pet hair on clothing and furniture and we have family that is alergic and I don't want them to think they are not welcome in our home.
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