Friday, June 26, 2009

2nd Child Syndrome

So it is official I have so fallen into the 2nd child syndrome. I feel so bad. With KB I am sure that I took a picture of him almost every day! Poor Kaija I hardly take any photos at all. I am too busy feeding or trying to pay attention to big brother. Also the first few weeks she just slept all the time and how exciting is picture after picture of a sleeping baby. Anyway here are a few I have taken.
Too cute for words.

If KB sees me taking a picture he gets in on the act. I thought he did a great job of posing for this one. He does love his sister even though he is confused at times of why she is getting most of the attention.
He loves to give sister kisses on her head. He has tried to smother her a couple of times but then he wants to love her and he says. "Kaija is kewdie".
Daddy's girl. She just loves to be held all the time. It makes it a little hard to get anything done around the house.
Taken right before bed I was running out of time, she looks a little tired!
Headbands are a norm for baby girls, but Mikko hates them. He says they look like 80's basketball players. He doesn't mind the tiny ones cause that is more proportionate to their heads. I sneak in the little flowers. He really hates the huge ones. Of course I think that is a little much too.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Two Weeks

First bath at home. Grandpa and Grandma came to help out and I am grateful that they did. Thanks for all the food and home improvements that you did!

So precious sleeping. Pretty much what she does all the time. Tried to get Kaleb to hold her. The first picture shows he true feelings and is why he wont hold her. Second was just a lucky shot we got of him. He loves to give her kisses but does not want to hold her.

She loves to sleep on the love sac. Grandma and Grandpa again with number 38 grandchild.

Mummi and Pappa got to see there 2nd grandchild on their way home from Australia. We are glad that go to stop by and hope they get to visit her again soon.

Actually got some shots today with her eyes open. and then KB wanted in on the act, he would not hold her so this is the cute shot we got of the two.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Helmet Boy

So yesterday we went to the distribution to buy some garments and there was two motorcycles parked outside. KB is obsessed lately with bikes. He went to the bikes and put on the helmet that was on the bike. He was mad when I told him he could not wear it since it was not ours.
Anyway when we got home he went over to the neighbors to play and he disappeared in their garage for a long time. I went to check on him and he was sitting on their 4 wheeler with a helmet on and say there for ever until their Dad got home from work and he was kind enough to take him on a little ride. Well we could not get him to come home. I finally had to go get my helmet and now he wore it the rest of the night and then that was the first thing he got when he woke up this morning. You got to love his face in the first picture. Click on it to see it larger.