Monday, August 18, 2008

Puikkonen Reunion

We had a little time to play some badminton at the Puikkonen gathering. We have a small yard but just enough room to play but if you get a little crazy we have to go search for the birdies that fly over the fence. Here is Kaleb and Elina having a good time. Elina is Mikko's cousins daughter so I don't know what that makes them. 2nd cousins???
We had a little family gathering with Mikko's side of the family. There is only Mikko's Dad and his brother from the Puikkonen line and we are fortunate that they both live here in Utah. So on the Puikkonen side Mikko has one uncle and two cousins. So with Mikko's immediate family and extended we had 11 adults and 3 kids there. Kind of a little different than the Brown side but we had a good time. All were present except for Mikko's cousin Karina.
We got a little family shot in too. Kaleb was pretty funny that day. He sure does like to tell people what to do and sure was chatty. Just wish we knew what he was saying!

Kaleb loves to play t-ball. We hope he continues to enjoy athletics we are pretty sure he will have a build for sports.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Farm Vocab

Sunday I went out to check on our garden and when I came in I told Mikko. "you are going to be amazed by the bounty I have harvested". Mikko says "ooh big farmer words". I have enjoyed the fruits of our or should I say my labor this year. Between the east farms and our little garden we have at least one night a week where it is all veggie night. Mikko wonders what happened to the meat but it sure is yummy.
This is our little garden this year I tried, strawberries, green peppers, cucumbers, summer squash and tomatoes and we have a enjoyed some of all. The berries only produced 4 berries but they were yummy. We also got a shed last week you can see the back of it on the left. Mikko said as he was watching the guys we bought it from.."that was worth every penny not to have to put it together ourselves". I agree they had it done it two hours. If we would have bought a do it yourself kit it would still not be done! :o)
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24th of July

Yeah I am a little slow at getting these up. We went to Kanab for the weekend to visit family turns out that Brandon's homecoming would be the same weekend so alot of family came down too. The kids had fun at the parade on Saturday, I must say that the parades have gotten bigger since I was a kid. Kaleb is funny when he finally figured out that is was candy they were throwing he decided to get in on the action.
Kaleb enjoys hanging out with his cousins. It is fun to watch him watch older boys he is just facinated by all they do.
Kaleb thinks he is helping Grandpa with the gardening.
Kaleb 1st introduction to fire and he thought it was pretty cool as well as the steps to Matt's firepit, he kept going up and down them. We had a great weekend, it's always fun to visit with family. Thanks!
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