Friday, March 25, 2011

Girlie Cookies

I had a friend that went into the ER this week and then my sister in law Tye also had surgery this week. So I decided to make some girlie cookies to brighten their day. I hope it worked.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

March So Far

Super heroes can always be found in our home. I got this cute cut out mask from the local library for free and the kids have loved playing with them. Good buddy Chase came to play with us now that they are a little closer to Draper. Kaleb wore is mask the whole day pretty much the first day we made the masks. I feel bad for the day when he finds out the there really are no super heroes.

So far this month we also got to visit the Doctor's office. We were at the grocery store and the kids wont sit in the cart any more they have to push around there own mini carts. Well they both ran off down an isle. I give up trying to get them to stay with me and then I hear bawling. When I get to them Kaija is on the ground and her cart is tipped over and she is bleeding. Kaleb admits he pushed her somehow but I don't really know what happens. I decide to take her to the Dr. cause I don't want it to scar really badly. We wait for an hour in the room. Finally glue her and then the next morning she had pulled of the glue in the middle of the night. Just great. Oh well if she scars she scars.

My "sweet hobby" this month so far has led to green and trying to use up more of the fondant I have. I made cute graduation caps for one of the classes at Skin Science Institute since I actually got to go a graduation lunch. Then I made some graham cracker cupcakes with lime curd filling and whipped topping for frosting for a family post Saint Patties Day get together.
Some of the things Kaleb has made lately at school.

St. Patrick's Day

For St. Patrick's Day I made green pancakes and the kids looked adorable in their green shirts.

And no we did not have corned beef and cabbage. I made some delicious Indian food. Chicken Tikka Masala, and Aloo gobi. It was really good it was the first time I have made Indian food or have eaten it. I like to watch Aarti Party on the food network and she is and Indian cook and her food looks so yummy that I had to give it a try.

Soldier Hollow

And before all of the snow had melted up in Midway we went tubbing. I got half off on a city deal and so Mikko took a Friday off and we headed up to Midway for a couple of hours. Kaleb had a great time. Kaija lasted about 30 minutes and then we took her to the car for a nap. It was really fun but probably not worth the money with littler kids maybe we will do it again in a few years. I think the kids will really love it when they are bit older. We were going to go out to dinner in Heber but the restaurant, Claim Jumper, we wanted to go to was not open until 5 and it was only 4 so we headed home. Got some yummy take out from Zuppas for Mikko and I and we took it over to McDonalds to get the kids happy meals and then let them play in the playland. It went really well. You just have to compromise sometimes.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Post St. Patricks Day Gathering

So for a post holiday St. Patty's Day celebration, I invited the Northern Brown's over to our house. I was pretty lame and only took pictures of the food. Of course that just shows what I am obsessed with. Also we had a Mexican food not Irish. Good thing we are not full blooded Irish, we are for sure offending a lot of Irishmen.
Anyway it was fun to have McKay (minus McKay), Alvin and Robert's families over. We had a little Irish Trivia game and I think we learned a few things so it was an educational evening as well. So glad that I have such a great family. They are all busy but I do enjoy when we can get together.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

February 2011

So last year we decided to take turns at planning our Anniversary. Mikko took last year and we went to Vegas but this year the funds were a little lower since out recent purchase of a home. Anyway I took on the task of jamming as much as I could get in a 24 hour period. I bought a discounted night at the Alaskan Inn in Ogden Canyon and it was only good Sunday through Thursday nights. McKay and Lois were kind enough to take the kids for us over night. McKay picked up the kids around 4:30 on his way home and I headed downtown to pick up Mikko. I kept the events a secret from Mikko.
We dined at Macaroni Grill, Mikko's favorite, and then we stopped at the french bakery called Gormandise Bakery and bought some yummy pastries. We headed up to Ogden. We we got to our room the lights would not come on so we went to another room and it was sooo cold because they had not turned on the heat previously. Anyway it these type of rooms that they have all decorated in themes. Know I can't even remember what our room name was. But it had this big jetted tub in it and it was decorated all woodsy, and log cabin. We enjoyed our pastries and sparkling cider provided with the room.
In the morning we watched a movie in the room and had breakfast in bed, that came with the room rental as well. It was great fun. We then went and test drove some cars and then got massages at Healing Mountain massage. Our last stop was to look at some cabinets because we are thinking of redoing our kitchen and it was off to get the kids back. The silence was over and Kaleb was so sad he had so much fun with his cousin Ella and did not want to come home.

So February I decided to start a new hobby that I have called my "Sweet Hobby". I see these blogs with these cute decorated cookies and I decided that I want to see if I can do it as well. My first batch came out better than my second. It is time consuming but it is fun to do. I also started the HCG diet right after the anniversary and can have no sugar on it and I was amazed that I did not eat any of the cookies even though I really really wanted to. I also made homemade fondant and it taste pretty good, it's just marshmellow and powder sugar. I made some cute cookies for my friends baby blessing and it was fun to go back to our old ward and see people from our old neighborhood.
Kaija loves to draw and thank goodness we have washable markers cause everytime she uses them she draws all over her self, the talbe, the chair and her clothes. She is a stinker most of the time. I really hope that she grows out the the terrible two stage before she turns 2!!

January 2011

So January was obviously not picture worthy or something. I guess we did not do much. But I love the pictures of the kids with the Super Hero capes. They are so cute when they play together. I am glad they like to play with each other and it is so funny to see how much Kaija loves everything the Kaleb likes. She really loves Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear. Her other favorite is the Little Mermaid. In the opening of the show when Ariel is not at the concert Kaija always put her hands to her cheeks and sighs "ooohhhh".
I spent some time getting ready to be a vendor at a Bridal Show in Davis County. I was thankful to Kelli for helping me out, she would chat with people about my services while I was giving free makeovers. I had lots of interest but nobody wants to commit right then. I swear in Utah no one wants to pay to get their makeup done. I hope those girls who said they wanted to do it will actually call me when their weddings get closer.
Both Kaleb and Kaija got a 24 hour flu bug around the end of the month. Spent 1am to 7am with them vomiting. Why can that be 1pm-7pm. Kaleb was cute at one point. During his 3rd upchucking (which were dry heaves by then) he giggle a little and said "I sound like a frog". What a funny kid. Then Kaija continued for a week or so with diarrhea, so much fun!

December 2010

December came and went and we had a good time. We started the first week out by hosting and going to a couple of parties. We got to host the "Annual Girls Party" at our home. It was fun to see the girls that started hanging out over 9 years ago. There are now children and husbands added and it was nice to get to visit with them. We have a white elephant exchange every year and the funniest gets a prize. It was pretty funny that Kelli a few years ago brought her senior picture and a gift, so hilarious well this year Liz framed it and re-gifted it again it was a great laugh for all.
The next day we the Annual Northern Brown Christmas Party. It was at McKay's home this year and we had some yummy soups and side dishes for dinner. We also had a little project of making some blankets for the Brown Missionaries in the field, Dalton, Lacee and Acacia. We of course had lots of yummy treats and the kids did a fun present exchange and then the adults did a white elephants exchange as well. We also sang to Kaleb while there for a early happy birthday so my my family could be a part of it.
I made and took out our neighbor treats of caramels. I really like to get it done early and out of the way.
Kaija is getting so big and is pretty independent she doesn't really want help with anything and she is 95+ percentile in both weight and height, which is of no surprise I am sure that the kids will always look a year older then they are for a few years.
Kaleb is doing so well in preschool and is loving learning all the letters. He surprises me by how quickly he picks up on everything.
We took the kids to the see the lights at temple square on one of the more warmer nights and they had a great time. We hope to make it a tradition since we so close to temple square. We just meet up with Mikko as soon as he gets off and we walk over.
We celebrated Kaleb's birthday on Saturday the 18th so that Pappa could come down. Pekka joined us as well and we went to Chucky Cheese and Kaleb had a ball, he loved playing all the games and getting tickets to turn in for prizes. He loved is Iron Man cake and Pekka gave him Iron Man gloves and he has been wearing them every day. Kaleb is 4 and is a pretty good kid, we love him dearly and is grateful to have him in our lives.
For Christmas this year we went to Kanab. Christmas Eve was the traditional dinner and nativity act out at Matt and Julie's home. Kaleb and Trajen got to year the hours and cow costume and just loved it. Kaija would not participate which is no surprise for her age. It was fun to sing carols and watch the family ham it up as usual.
Brant and Jana's family also came to Kanab for Christmas and it was great Kaleb has so much fun with his cousins. Ria and Heath were up in the middle of the night peaking at their gifts it was fun to see the excitement in little children. It makes you miss it. Kaleb was so excited that he got his Iron Man repulsor blaster and Kaija had a good time playing with her stroller and everybody elses stuff. The kids again were spoiled by Pekka and Mikko's parents. They really are too good to them. It was a fun Christmas and I enjoy the time that my children get to spend with their grand parents because I know that time is limited.
New years eve was nothing special I had been sick and not feeling well we just hung out at home got the kids to bed and since I am writing this in March I honestly can not remember what we did. Exciting people we are.