Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mustikkakeitto & Mansikka Kiisseli

So I tried my hand at another Finnish dessert. In english this would be called Blueberry Soup and Strawberry Soup. I followed the directions to the T, even using potato starch instead of cornstarch. Mikko said he never got Blueberry Soup like that in Finland so he thought it was a special treat.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 24th

Only captured a couple pics on the 24th of July. We went to the parade in Bountiful on the 23rd. It was at 6pm but it was stinking hot. I was sweating up a storm. Kaleb enjoyed waving a flag for a bit. His favorite part was to see the motorcycles. We left when they still had about 40 more entries to go but we had already seen a 100 entries. We wanted to beat the traffic, we then hit up Costa Vida it was yummy of course.
Here is Kaija holding her flag. She looks thrilled eh? The next day we went to my sisters house for a BBQ the food of course was yummy and it was fun to visit with the fam. Saturday night we lit off some fireworks. I forgot to take pictures. We invited the neighbor kids to come out. It was funny Kaleb would hold the sparklers but the neighbor kids were not fond of them. We had a great time.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Forgot to Post

I forgot to post this picture and I think it is a good one. Both Daddy and KB enjoying their computers. But really I hope that KB does not pick up Daddy's WOW habit in the future.
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This last Saturday Pekka was kind enough to let Kaleb and Mikko go swimming at his town homes pool. I know I forgot the "w & g" in swimming on the title that is because that is how KB says it. As you can see from the pics he had a great time.

He was pretty cute he would plug his nose until he hit the water.

We were pretty proud of our brave little boy this is the first time he did the jumping into the water.
Pekka and Mikko were the whitest people there at the pool. But at least they are not getting cancer or hyperpigmentation. Thanks again uncle Pekka we hope to go again soon!

2 Months Old


I took a picture of Kaleb every month for the 1st year so I am going to try and do the same with Kaija. Monday was her 2 mo well visit and she weighed 13.2 pounds and is 23.5 inches long. She is two pounds heavier than Kaleb was at two months. I hope she is a tall girl but not gigantic! She also got her shots and I am proud to say that it was the first time I did not cry while watching my kids having pain inflicted on them.

She is enjoying bath time already. I am so glad I have this ducky safety tub it is so much easier than trying to bath babies in the sink.
One of my favorite pictures that we have of Kaleb as a baby is the one I took of him and Daddy taking a shower. So naturally I had to do the same with Kaija. I think it is just so cute.
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Friday, July 17, 2009


Kaleb kept pulling the pieces out to this thing wanting me to put it together. I finally gave in. He wanted Kaija to enjoy it with him, I thought it was cute.

A couple of the goggles I bought for Kaleb to keep him happy. The other night Mikko calls me to come into the bathroom and this is what I found.
We went to Logan last weekend to visit Mummi and Pappa. We had a great time. We hit the sauna, kaleb played at the park and with lawn toys and finger painted as seen below. Also enjoyed a yummy icecream sandwhich as seen above. Thanks for all the fun Mummi!

Kaija has started smiling this was one of my many attempts to capture one. I am not doing to well at it.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

KB's Dance Moves

Check out Kaleb's dance moves. This was taken while we were cleaning up after the 1st day of the Brown reunion.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kanab visit/ BFR 09/ 4th of July

We had such a great time in Kanab. Kaleb and I went down the Sunday before the Brown Family Reunion. Kaleb had a blast. I needed to have help and so it was a good compromise. Although my parents only have a swamp cooler I survived.

Grandpa hooked up the wagon to the mower and gave KB rides all over the backyard. He loved it he was grinning the whole time. While down there Brant and Jana and family are living with my parents until he finds a job. Well Heath got a new batman toy and that was just too much for Kaleb he wanted it so bad and cried about it a lot. I took him to the family dollar store and got him a load of iron man stuff and he LOVED it. I know its not the best way to parent but I can't stand the crying all the time.

We celebrated my birthday while there KB enjoyed blowing out the cake. I made my own tres leche cake, it was delicious. Mom and Brant made chile verde burritos they were so so good, I need to get the recipe from Mom. Kaija was totally spoiled for a week she was always being held. Here is big brant and little Kaija.

Another shot of Kaija being spoiled this time by her cousin Brooklyn. We went swimming at the pool at McKay's condo. The water was freezing so we did not let Kaija in but we got her dressed for the event.

This shot is great after swimming we drove through McDonalds to get some lunch and we tried hard to keep Kaleb awake. We gave him some crackers to keep him up but this is as far as he got. The next picture was the talent portion of the first night of the Brown reunion. This night we got together with not just our family but my two uncles families as well. We enjoyed games for the kids and a great dinner and a little talent program.

The 4th of July was hot. The family had a float to represent. We did not win. Obviously they were not going by good looks. Some family whose roots are not even from Kanab. I guess matching shirts and a drum band is what the people like!

Our family had matching shirts for the 4th. And here is little Kaija's frog pose.

Swimming time at the public pool. Almost tradition that we got the pool at the reunion. Kaleb loved it. Kaija just dipped her toes.

They got a new slide at the pool. You go down on mats. Kaleb I chose not to use one afraid we would go to fast and be scary. Well my shorts pulled up and we got stuck at the end!

Dinner again with the family at the school field. Here is KB enjoying an ice cream. Dad and KB enjoying the fireworks. Krisit was in charge of the reunion and she did and amazing job. She got everyone this light sticks and Kaleb had a great time with them. He fell asleep that night holding 4 of them.

Sparkler time. And finally the trip back home. Kaleb took off his head rest and wore it on his head. I think he look like Queen Amidala from star wars. He now keeps doing it. He thinks it is pretty funny.