Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 2010

This year we celebrated our 5 year anniversary by going to Vegas for the weekend. We spent our honeymoon there and we needed to get away with out the kids and Vegas was a cheaper alternative. Mikko took a few shots testing out our new camera we got for Christmas. We need to figure out how to use the settings.

The glass flower ceiling at the Beliagio. We went to the dinner buffet one night it was super expensive and there were way too many things to try.
I love to watch the water show at the Bellagio, it never gets old to me.

Mikko had never been to Hoover Dam so we took a morning and went out and did the Dam power plant tour. Unfortunately the weekend we were there in Vegas it rained the whole time. I have never been to Vegas when it rains!
They are building a huge new bridge that goes over the canyon, it is crazy high!

I swear that I think I have the cutest kids ever!

Seriously this is the cutest look. She thinks she is going to be a model! Kaija is 9 months old in this picture.
Uncle Pekka went to a conference and came back with some goodies for Kaleb. A new hat and a backpack. What a sweet uncle!

January 2010

For FHE the activity we do most is the "Freeze Game", Kaleb loves it. We play music and run around the couch and freeze when the music is stopped. Kaleb pulls the exact same face every time he freezes. I usually make Mikko run around with the kids so he can at least get some sort of exercise in for the week!
Kaleb had a blast attending his first car show with Dad.

Kaija is 8 months old.
My brother's family had our names for Christmas and they made us these Suomi shirts. So I made us some matching PJ bottoms to go with them.
We made it out to the Brown's annual snow day and they love to do pinata's so here is the snow day pinata. All the kids got to take turns. Kaleb really gave it all he could. It took a long time to get this box open but the kids sure had fun! I think I need to start having those so I can take out some of my frustrations!

Kaleb and Ella love to play together and we are so glad that he has a few cousins that are not too much older than him that love to play with him.