Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 2010

We enrolled Kaleb into a summer preschool type class. Since we just moved it has been a little difficult for him to leave his friends from the old neighborhood behind so we figured this class would be a great opportunity for him to meet new friends. He is loving it. July they learned about bugs and he has enjoyed it and has become great buddies with a girl named Kate.
What happens on Mikko's watch stay's with Mikko??? Cutie Kaija got into the paints.
For my birthday this year we went to Logan so Mikko's parents could watch the kids while Mikko catered to me. I got a 90 minute massage which was awesome, then Mikko took me to the movie and then to dinner at Hamilton's which was DELICIOUS. I had an awesome steak pasta dish. If you ever go there I suggest you try it. I then had a makeup job the next day so I headed back to SLC and on the way out the Cache Valley I went shopping at Kohl's it was awesome to go shopping without any kids!
I have been trying to get some good photo's of Kaija and Kaleb in the bath so that I can frame them and put them in the bathroom for some decor.
Kaija's hair is finally long enough for piggies but unfortunately she just pulls them out soon after I put them in.

Here is Kaleb helping me make a cake. Isn't he doing a great job. When I asked him to help he said I need my little apron. He has a great memory he hardly wears it and thanks mom for making it for him. He looks so darn cute when he has it on.

Kaleb kept getting a bloody nose one day and at this point I told him to lay down so the blood would stop coming and he soon feel asleep.
Rolling down a hill at the reception center when we attended Mikko's friend Clint's reception. It was a pretty place and Kaleb had a great time looking at the fish they had in a pond in the back.

Blue eyed cutie. She get so many compliments on her eyes and Mommy and Daddy can take no credit for them, thanks recessive gene!
The Brown Family reunion was in Kanab this year and the 24th weekend. It was great fun. McKay and his family prepared a great weekend. We got to see "Kungfu Panda" in our parents backyard. Mikko got brave and went on the hike the next morning. I stayed behind since I have a knee of a 77-year old, at least that is what the orthopedic tells me. Hiking and my knees don't mix well. I wish I would have taken and pic of Mikko's face upon their return. It was beet red. He said the young nieces kicked his but on the way up.
They hiked the squaw trail. Mikko kept saying it was really hot and Kristi was loving the heat. I guess it is just what you are used to. I would have to agree. I don't remember it being so hot when I was a kid in my parents home with just a swamp cooler but now I have lived in central air for so long being in my parents home with just the swamp cooler is a killer.
I hope that Mikko comments on this cause I am not sure why he took it other than he is trying to work on his photographic skills.
We enjoyed the 24th of July parade in Kanab cause I found some shade. Kaija enjoyed watching the floats and animals and Kaleb of course loved the candy being thrown although he would pout every time other kids beat him to the candy.
Cute cousins Ella and Kaija. Ella is a doll she would always come up and tell me how cute Kaija is.
Family enjoying the parade.
Ria enjoying the swing.
Ella once again. Again Mikko working on his skills.
We played a fun game that we had to put an oreo on our forhead and then try getting it into our mouths with out any help from our hands. It was quite fun and I actually got it in my mouth, the trick is to keep your head back and used a lot of facial stretching.
This was a miss.
Mikkel even looks cute when she is doing this!
Brittany and Tye also had a baby shower for my niece Ashley while at the reunion and I made these cupcake pops for the party, it was fun but time consuming to do.
And just yesterday for our family outing we went down to Thanksgiving Point to the Ancient History Museum. Now that we are so much further south Utah Valley is really close. We had a great time. Here Kaleb is enjoying on exhibit on all kinds of things light does.
He was so cute he was scared of the Brachiosaurus skeleton and had to be held and there was a black tunnel we had to walk through with a bunch of stars and he was scared to go through that too until Dad flew him through like Buz LightYear and then he wanted to keep going back through it so he could be Buzz!

Kaija was pretty good all things considered. She sure loves to walk around since she has finally started walking so keeping her locked in the stroller was a little bit of a challenge. She would growl or bark at most of the displays which was quite funny and at one part they had some sounds playing of some type of bird like sounds and she did her little bird call chirp thing that she has been doing for the past 4-6 months. We had a great time, thanks honey for taking us out on a great family day.

June 2010

Man we took a lot of pics in June, well at least for us. We finally moved into our new home in Draper and we are loving it. It is a great location I am loving the convenience of having so many things not very far away at all. In fact most place we go are less then 5 minutes it is AWESOME!! Kaleb is having a great time as you can see he had played himself into a sleep!
Mikko had a little photo shoot with Kaija for her one year old pics. Since we got a new camera and Mikko took a class I thought he should try out his skills i think he did OK and he got some good pics of course none of these are been "worked on" but the rules he fine tuned look even better.

Wish she would keep this dang bows on but no luck!

Within in the first couple of weeks of our move Kaleb's but Chase from our old neighborhood came down for a visit and they had a great time on the slip and slide. I did not get a good one of the both of them together, darn.
Kaleb loves to help out with me baking, can't you tell.
We did Kaija's official first birthday about a month later than her actual birthday and she had a great time. Mikko's parents came down, and Mikko's brother came over. My parents along with my sister in law happen to stop in too so that was great.
When Mikko's parents came back from Australia last year the gift they brought back to Kaija was a little Koala sleeping buddy and she LOVES it. So I decided to make her a koala cake. I think I did a pretty good job and it was a yummy chocolate cake with burnt butter frosting. My brother McKay turned me onto that awhile ago and I love it.
She actually touch the candle when it was still hot so we had a few tears but she got over it and enjoyed the cake.

Kaija enjoyed opening presents, KB not so much as he wanted to open the gifts for her but they managed to share and have fun.

Here is her rocking moose we got her and she did not ride it much at first but now she is a pro and gets going pretty fast and hard.
Bath time, she loves to put everything in her mouth especially bottles of things, shampoo, lotion, soap, deodorant an so on..

KB found this snow suit we got from my friend for Kaija and he wanted to put it on one day. What a goofy kid!
Cute Kaija wanting to paint.
There is the doughnut shop down the street called "Beyond Glaze", they have gourmet doughnuts well the doughnuts are just regular doughnuts but the toppings are the gourmet. They were quite yummy the best were the fruity one, and the PB&Jam I thought was so great because the jelly tasted just like grape jelly! They were pretty pricey and I am sure a million calories each so they might just be a once a year special occasion. I bought them fathers day weekend and my parents were there so I figured those two event called for a special occasion.
We got daddy just a little something for fathers day.
Nothing exciting just some Oreo cookies, but hey they are his favorites.
Some fun in the sprinkler. Mikko had to join Kaleb so he would be brave enough to actually go through the sprinkler.
I love my white skinned boys. Don't want any skin cancer at this house. Well at least not again!

This bird was the bird that was annoying us for a good month after we moved in. Every morning at 5:30 it would be out on our deck chirping away. I think it was taunting out cat Tonka, but Tonka would not do anything about it. So we bought a bb gun, and we never hit it, I put out shiny metallic balloons which was supposed to scare them away....not. But after about a month the chirping stopped. I have no idea what happened but I think Tonka finally got sick of it and maybe took him out whatever it was we are very grateful.

My handsome boy.
Enjoying a popsicle on a warm day!

More bath time.
What brothers are made for right??!!