Saturday, April 18, 2009

Panu and Leah Goodbye

We had a get together with the hubby's side of the family to say goodbye to Panu and Leah. They have left already to Australia and will be married next month and wont be back for a few years or so. Seija wanted a family picture which I understand but I looked so hideous in all the pictures. Being 8 months pregnant is not at all flattering on me. This shot was the least hideous of them all. I told everyone that this picture confirms that I look like a very fat Pat Benatar. If only I was getting royalties from "Love is a Battlefield"
P & L get to plan a little game about how well they know each other. They did not do too bad.
KB with his soon to be newest aunt. Too bad we don't get to be around them to hang out. But hopefully we will get to go to Australia and visit them that would be fun. But I don't want to take two kids on that long of a plane ride. Hubby better make more money so we can fly 1st class. :o)
Seija also had a little surprise baby shower for me that was so nice and unexpected. KB had fun opening the gifts.
The last pic I plan to post of me looking like this. Eeewwww gross. Thanks to the P family for giving me such wonderful gifts that baby sister will be so glad to have.

Little Helper

We got some curbing last fall but did not remove the sod until now. Here is Kaleb helping us out. He loves to throw the dirt all over the lawn. His dad says he will be mowing the lawn soon!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Bunny

As I mentioned on the Easter post that we saw Kaleb at the grocery store and Kaleb could not help but just stare at him. Well we went and picked up the picture and it was funny when we walked into the store he went right over to the place where the bunny was before to look for him and was dissapointed that there was no easter bunny there.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I did not tell KB about the Easter bunny just told him that the Easter bunny brought him something this morning. It was really fun. When he saw the basket there was a little bunny in it and he grabbed it and said Easter Bunny. The day before we went to Dicks Market to make a deposit at the bank and they had a guy dressed up as the Easter Bunny. When KB saw him he just froze and stared at him for the longest time until a worker asked if we wanted a picture. He was hesitant to sit on his lap but did it and would not smile for the picture after the pic he just kept staring at the bunny I had to finally pull him away.
KB loves planes so he got a bunch of them in his basket.

Left over toy from Christmas that we did not give to him so used it for Easter. I was afraid he would not be interested in it but he loves it and says where is the farmer when he wants to play with it.
This was my attempt of getting him to smile for the camera so he could show off his messy face from the robin eggs. I was proud of myself I only bought one kind of candy and did not give him a ton. But really that is just because I am tired and lazy and then I would end up eating most of it anyway.
We also colored Easter eggs and Kaleb had fun putting some stickers on the eggs. It will be nice when he is older so that he can actually color them, too messy to let a 2 year old have control over dye.

Since we did not go to Kanab this year we only did a little over a dozen of eggs. I had to keep on the tradition since this was one of the most fun things we did on Easter weekend when I was a kid, besides rolling them at the dunes. We did not roll eggs but on Sunday I hid some eggs around the yard and let KB have an Easter egg hunt and he loved it and he got the eggs cracked and ready for me to peel and make deviled eggs. :) We had dinner over at the hubby's brother's house and the in-laws were down as well. It was a yummy meal and then we had some excitement, somehow KB twisted his leg and he would not walk on it and would cry so we went to the instacare. They did an x-ray but did not find anything wrong with his leg. Yesterday he was on and off all day. Running around one minute then saying his leg hurt the next. This morning he seems to be fine so hopefully we don't have to make another visit to the doctor.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Like Father Like Son

I was in the kitchen doing something and I turned around to see this. There is good and bad about this. I mean the picture is so dang cute....Kaleb being just like his Daddy. But on the other had the magazine he is looking at is some warhammer thing not sure what the stuff is called but I will not be pleased if KB follows his dad into the computer gaming world. I think to much time is entirely wasted on those games. But I am not at fault I waste PLENTY of time watching TV. Anyway it is a cute pic and KB calls the books his roboty books and he likes to look at them.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snappy Dresser

What a snappy dresser I must say. This kid cracks me up.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Yucky Pregnant Pics

These are the reasons I always am the one taking the pictures and not in them. I don't think I have to many pictures of me pregnant with Kaleb either. But I figures I may want them sometime far in the future. I am 31.5 weeks pregnant in this pictures. I have gained way to much weight with the pregnancy the DR. even tells me so. Gotta love that. I am so looking forward to the at least 70 lbs I am going to have to loose after baby sister is born. I was taking these with a timer and Kaleb thought it was great fun and wanted to be in the pictures too.
I go to the Dr. this Wednesday for another appointment and I am sure they will do another test to see if I might go into labor in the next two weeks which I don't think I will. I was supposed to go in a couple of weeks ago but I was sick and got out of it. I don't  enjoy having a pap every time I go in. Anyway I have braxton hicks all the time but nothing else has changed so I think we are doing OK. Sleeping has become VERY uncomfortable and I wonder why women keep doing this over and over again. Maybe it is because I am older but my Mom had to been crazy to do this 9 times but glad she did or I would not be with my family that I have.
This last weekend was fun, My nephew Terence got married so Kaleb and I went down to Utah Valley for the Luncheon and then Mikko joined us for the reception. The events were very nice. Then my parents came and stayed with us Saturday night. The men went to the priesthood session and Mom and I made a Lemon Custard Souffle. It turned out pretty good. Kaleb loves Grandma and Grandpa and was very sad that they had to leave on Sunday and especially because they were in the truck and Kaleb very badly wanted to go with him. He is all boy.