Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The other day while I was working on something getting Kaleb's new room ready. I turned around and this is how I found Kaleb. I thought it was hilarious. I said "oh Kaleb don't move I need to go get the camera to take your picture." He stood up by the time I came back, but I told him to sit back down like he was and he did! He is such a poser and just so so so cute. We love this little boy. He is getting ready for his modeling career. :o)

Kangaroo Zoo

We went to the Kangaroo Zoo this last Saturday. It is a place where they just have a bunch of inflatable toys and a miniature golf area all inside. So it is a great place to go in the winter. This was our first time. We put Kaleb on one of the toys and for about 3-5 minutes he just stood there not knowing what to do next. He would watch the other kids jump around. I thought, oh no, he is just going to stand there the whole time. But soon he started bending his knees testing out the bounce, then gradually started bouncing, and then he was off and having a great time.

Soon he was running all over the place and did well at climbing up some of the other toys that had slides and they were kind of steep. He was loving it. He went for an hour straight without stopping. Mikko and I took turns being by him to make sure he was OK. I can only stand so long with out my feet hurting, pregnancy has caused my feet to swell.

We finally took off his shirt cause he was sweating because he was playing so hard. Here is a little jumping sequence of him.
This is a great place especially during the winter, the only problem is Saturdays and holidays are way too crowded and then there are too many older kids who just don't watch out for the younger ones. We will go again, but most likely during the day or week when the older kids are not there. It is also just two blocks from our house which is nice. We don't have a grocery store close but we have this!
After an hour of non stop action he was a little tired so he went and grabbed a drink cup that was on the ground that was not ours and tried to drink it, we hurried to intervene. The poor boy was parched. We bought him a juice drink and he was back on the toys for another 15 minutes. Next time I think I will take him before bed time, so he is so worn out that he will just go to bed afterwards!


So a couple of weeks ago Mikko picked up Kaleb from the babysitter. When they got to the garage Kaleb refused to get out, and wanted to stay and play in the car.  Even after 30 minutes it took food to get him out of there.  Looks like he's ready to follow daddy as a car guy!

Hot Chochie Milk

When we were in Kanab for Christmas Kaleb got to try out Hot Chocolate and he loved it. He would ask for hot chochie milk. As you can also see in the picture he has a hole in his bottom lip or something cause he had a steady drizzle going down the front of him.
I thought these pictures were cute because he is using a miniature baby mug that Mikko's co-worker gave to us. He has not asked for it for awhile so I try not to drink my hot chocolate in front of him, he gets enough sugar as it is.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby Gretchen

Today was our ultrasound of the baby and the tech said she was 97% sure it is a GIRL. She said she would feel comfortable if I went out and bought girl clothes. So that is nice. Mikko has named her Gretchen for now, he likes to give the babies an in womb name. Kaleb was known as George while in the womb.

Little Gretchen was not being helpful at the ultrasound she had her legs crossed at the ankles so it took a little work to see what was going on. Mikko said yeah it's a girl and I was like all I see is grey stuff. Anyway the tech said everything looked good to her but the specialists will go over the pics and if there are any problems I will hear from the doctor.

We are happy to know that we can feel good about having a boy and a girl now and wont have to try for a third baby. Every time I go to the Dr. she always talks to me about the possibility of the baby having some type of problem since I am over 35. She is not saying the baby will not be normal but that she has to inform me of the possibility of Spinal Bifida and Down Syndrome. I know lots of women have healthy babies into their 40's and are not too old, but I just don't want to have babies while I am that old. I myself was born to a 38 almost 39 year old mother and my younger brother to a 43-44 year old mother and we SEEM to be normal. My Mom might not be normal but that is because she had to deal with 9 kids. I don't know how she did it, she is amazing. :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Coupons and Sales

I just thought I would show this, because I felt good about my purchase. I don't usually get screaming deals but I have tried this couponing thing where you use coupons on top of sales and a website tells you where to get the coupons and list on the sales.

I am sure someone can do way better but I feel really good about it. I got all these 78 items for $65 before tax and that includes 2 big packages of chicken and milk (i buy expensive kind with no hormones). My receipts say that I saved with the store sales $92.51 and coupons $113.80. So that is the part that makes you feel good, at least those numbers really impress Mikko. Anyway like I said most of the time when I go shopping the screaming deals are all gone I just lucked out today except for the yogurt deals, all the yogurt was all gone. You have to have a subscription to the paper and I got a deal through grocery smarts and got 4 Sunday papers for 6 months and it cost $20. But I am not renewing cause it just hurts my brain to much to try to figure out all the logistics and I don't like to waste all my time on it.

Also it may look like junk but Mikko loves toaster strudels so those are for him and the fiber one stuff is good. And now Kaleb has a year supply of fruit snacks.