Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kaleb's 3rd Birthday

Kaleb turned 3 this year. Mikko wanted him to be able to open his presents in the morning because he said that is how he did it growing up, well we let him and he loved it except for the fact that everything I got him was crappy. He got a shirt from Aunt Kristi which was really cute but of course he was not that interested in it. The hotwheels launcher I got him stopped working after a couple of tries so I was really mad so I got a Dr. set gift out that I was going to save for Easter. Well that too was really lame because it was crappy quality and he couldn't even get the stethoscope to stay on his ears. I took back the Dr. set and let him pick out his gift which was a dragon and then of course later the launcher thing started to work again.
Back to the idea of having him open gifts in the morning, well all he could talk about was getting his cake since we had already starting the festivities. The small gathering that consisted of Uncle Pekka and Kaleb's good buddy, Chase and his parents did not start until 6 that night so he kept annoying me all day about his cake. He chose to have a rocket cake and it was fun to make. The thing that was funny was that after he blew out the candles we let him open a couple of gifts that he got from Pekka, Chase, and Kaylynn and Dave. Well he got a transformer and all he cared about after that was the transformer and he intently watched uncle Pekka try to transform it for a good 15 minutes and did not want the cake anymore. He also got an IronMan toy from Pekka and in two of the pics he is showing off what Iron man does. He is obsessed. The last picture is of what he got from Grandma and Grandpa a couple days later. He is one spoiled kid.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Since Mikko's parents went to Finland for the holidays we went to Logan for the weekend before they left to celebrate Mikko and Kaleb's birhtdays. A fun time was had by all. Mummi, Pappa, Mikko and Pekka took Kaleb to the Fun Park. I stayed back with Kaija while she napped. Kaleb enjoyed all the games they said he had such a great time and he enjoyed the prizes he got with the tickets he earned.
We then wen to dinner at Olive Garden for Mikko's birthday. Then Kaleb got to open presents from Mummi and Pappa for his birthday. He was pretty spoiled of course and he kept saying "oh this is my favorite" with every gift he opened. He got a cooking/eating set and he has really enjoyed making us dinner every day. After gifts we all had some yummy Christmas cookies and Pulla for desert to highlight the holidays


Forgot to add these photos. My neighbor Becky was kind enough to take Kaleb with her son and best buddy to the mall to see Santa. She said it was a good thing Kaleb went because Chase was not sure about sitting on Santa's lap but Kaleb was not shy at all. She said that Kaleb told Santa that he wanted Iron Man and Star Wars toy for Christmas. These boys are too cute.

So here is the first of of December. It has been a busy month of course. We have had a good time so far. I was going to get the Christmas decorations out the Monday after Thanksgiving but it didn't happen . I think it was a few days after that. Kaleb had a great time helping decorating and he really was such a great helper. I spent most of the December trying to fight off a cold from hitting me hard. I have been pretty successful so far. Kaleb got sick right after we got home from Thanksgiving and that last a good 7-10 days. Then Kaija got it and had a high fever of 103 and then was stuffy after that and had a hard time breathing. When Kaleb got better we had already had a really good snow. I bundled him up on afternoon and let he go outside for a bit. He just loves the snow. He really loves to eat it.

Kaija is now 7 months old and is sitting really well by herself and we have let her take a few baths with her brother and she loves it. We look forward to her being a little more stable so that she can play even more with Kaleb.

I was too lazy to make my own frosting and get stuff for a gingerbread house so I just bought a kit. What a mistake. The icing was such a pain but we got through it and Kaleb has enjoyed eating it ever since.

Forgot to take the typical month to month picture of Kaija but I took this one on the 7th month mark and I think it is cute enough.

Kaleb the photographer

Kaleb loves to take pictures whenever he can get his hands on the camera. Which I don't like him to do. Here are just a few of the latest that he has taken.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Mikko's B-day

I wanted to surprise Mikko this year for his birthday. We decided to take his car down to Kanab so wednesday I told him to trade cars so I could get the car all packed. I then took it to get the windows tinted. We had talked about doing it several times and I thought this would be a good surprise. As you can see he was surprised.
So then on his actual birthday I made him a him his traditional traditional Finnish birthday cake and it was really yummy. Pekka joined us for dinner at Red Robin then we came back to the house for the yummy cake.
Mikko says that he doesn't care if he get anything else on his birthday as long as he get this cake once a year. Happy Birthday Honey!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

We headed down to Kanab for thanksgiving and had a great time. We stayed with McKay's family at their condo. It was great to be where it was quieter. I am sure we missed out on most of the action at Grandma and Grand pa's and Mom even said that she hardly got a chance to hold Kaija. Sorry Mom. Anyway we had Thanksgiving dinner at the church because there was almost 60 of us there. The gym was freezing. It was warmer outside than in the gym. Dinner of course was abundant and delicious. We forgot to take any pictures of course but the shots above were that day. The Elementary is right by the church so Mikko took a few pics of Kaleb enjoying the swings.
The next day McKay planned a hike and Tom was our guide. I took Kaleb while Mikko took care of Kaija. The hike was to Water Canyon and it was a 2 mile up and 2 miles back. I was so shocked that Kaleb did so well. He enjoyed and we only had to hold him a few times. He was quite the hiker he even got stuck by a cactus but survived.
He loves being with his cousins That had a great time as you can see.
We made it to the end and there was fresh flowing water coming out of the rocks. We all filled our water bottles with fresh water and enjoyed some strawberries that cousin Lindsay brought.
Here is Kaleb walking with Tom he was having fun walking in front of him and not letting him pass. And the best part was the drive back as the kids were all exhausted and took naps!!