Friday, September 19, 2008

Official Mormon Mom

I believe that I have officially become a Mormon Mom! Last weekend and last night was my first attempts at canning and all my bottles sealed! It is such a proud moment for me. But I must give credit where it is due.....thanks to the Internet, McKay, who corrected my mistakes while doing my salsa, Mom was not home when I called but McKay was there to save the day. And most of all I want to thank my Mom, after canning I have even more respect for her and I am amazed that year after year for 60 years she has canned numerous bottles, of peaches, pears, tomatoes, beans, cherries, jams, and has froze peas and corn. The time my Mom put into that year after year is amazing. Canning is so time consuming and I did it when Kaleb was gone or in bed there is no way I could have done it while he was awake. But my Mom had nine children and still canned year after year. I now know why she does not sleep. For years she was up at night bottling everything so that her family could enjoy wonderful food year round. She spoiled us that is for sure, buying canned fruit and vegetable from the store can't even come close. THANK YOU MOM! You are the best. I love you for the great example you are to me.
I made salsa and stewed tomatoes the first weekend and the above peaches I did last night.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kaleb loves Mommy

It really amazes me that day after day Kaleb still loves his Mommy or as most of the time he calls me Daddy. He is a little confused. Anyway as I was saying it amazes me how much love little kids have for their parents. Day after day I get after Kaleb telling him "no" and I even lose my cool and yell, but within 5 minutes he loves me again. I am grateful he has a short memory and I hope he does not remember everything from these early years. But I am really grateful that he is in our family and that I get to be his mom although it would be so much easier if I did not have a child and just had a job in the "work" world. Let me tell you a 8-5 job would be so much easier than being a MOM. 
At the end of the work day when Mikko gets home from work, I am waiting for Mikko to take over so I can get a break. Kaleb is excited to see Dad but then he is there hanging on my leg wanting to be with me. I have had enough and am exhausted but deep inside my heart smiles.